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Your pet is in great hands with Affectionate Pet Grooming. We serve dogs of all breeds and sizes with complete service to maintain and enhance health and beauty. We offer dental care, nail clipping, bathing, ear care, flea treatments, and so much more. Our groomers use natural and hypoallergenic products and shampoos that are specific to your dog's skin and coat needs.

  • Oatmeal bath

  • Flea treatment

  • Nail trimming and grinding

  • Nail clipping and dremeling            

  • Ears plucked and cleaned    

  • Bathing and cleaning

  • Haircut and styling

  • Glands expressed                  

  • Teeth swabbing        

  • Facial scrubbing                      

Vet Recommended Groomer

Complete Dog Grooming Services

25 years of grooming for all breeds